Making a 100PSI Water Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket Hero Image

Now, many of us have already seen water bottle rockets on the internet. Some are simply purchased from a toy store, others might be on Mythbusters, or some variation of a how-to bottle rocket with a bicycle pump.

But what I can assure you, is that you haven’t seen a 100PSI filled Coke Bottle rocket before, nevermind one built with a snap release mechanism so that you can release it with your hand!

The general process is to collect these materials:

  • Hose Connector
  • Tap Adapter
  • Tire Valve
  • Coke Bottle
  • Epoxy Resin

The process is essentially:

  • Epoxy the tire valve inside the hose connector
  • Using a heat-gun, score a thread into the coke bottle to connect the tap adapter and epoxy together
  • Wait a day for the epoxy to settle, connect it all together and fill with pressurised air

This whole process from start to finish is detailed in this how-to video:

Now, don’t try this at home, it’s demonstration purposes only of course!